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About Me

Marketing on the Internet since 1996

I've been working at the intersection of technology and marketing for my entire career. I got my start helping to launch a2z, Inc., a company that offers software tools for trade show and convention management. Then, I spent some time in the membership marketing department of AAAS, the world's largest general science society. More recently I worked at APUS, the American Public University System, to promote their online universities.

Today, I am a freelance consultant. I'm here to make sure the tools you use to deploy and measure your marketing campaigns just work.

I have sent a terrific amount of email through a variety of marketing automation systems, and have managed updates, integrations, and switching vendors. In addition, I have worked on various social media platforms to build vibrant online communities. As a marketing manager, I have written marketing plans, managed marketing campaigns and more. As a project manager, I have worked with tight deadlines and numerous clients. I'd be happy to tell you more if we ever meet in person!


Marketing automation platforms, plus other tools and skills

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Formerly ExactTarget. Designed newsletters that were updated by a RSS feed. Was a power user and member of the email advisory board. I have also used Salesforce CRM.


Oracle Marketing Cloud

Used when it was still Eloqua. I had an Eloqua Master certification and was admin for the system. Managed integration with Salesforce, trained others, set up marketing automation campaigns.



This system may not have all the bells and whistles of Oracle or Salesforce, but the interface is so much nicer. Admin experience, including maintaining a Salesforce integration. Created forms, marketing automation flows, and reports.



HubSpot is an all-in-one solution. Email, social, marketing automation, landing pages, forms, and CRM. Admin experience. Have used practically all Marketing and Sales features of HubSpot. Designed a new HTML email template, and it was a snap. Easiest email GUI and template language of the platforms I have used.


HTML email design

Coding email is not like coding for the web. Dreamweaver is my HTML editor of choice. Litmus and Campaign Monitor have provided me valuable advice over the years. Email Monks is my favorite vendor to use when I don't have time to create a design from scratch.



Can make a web banner, animated gif, or edit a photo in a pinch.



My favorite way to use Twitter and monitor other social media. I have used it for both work and my personal accounts.



Why yes, I can create a pivot table.